The Magic of Service

Serving Mr. Stone follows Magic through their adventures in discovering the joys of service.
Here Magic shares journal entries, the things they’ve learned, and the how to’s of being a service slave.

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An Exciting New Journey

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote! I haven’t been lazy though, just busy. I think some life updates are in order. The biggest update is that I have relocated to Dallas to live with Devyn! After he had dropped me back off in Wichita I decided that I wanted to go back… Continue reading An Exciting New Journey

How I met Devyn

The story of how we met doesn’t start with our meeting but with how Devyn and my leather dad and mom, Sir Cadillac (or Caddy) and slave shy, met. Caddy and Shy had gone to Oklahoma Leather Fest and attended a cigar service class, that just so happened to be taught by Devyn. They talked to Devyn and asked if he would be up to teaching a class in Kansas once they got the dungeon up and running (this was before the Ravns Nest had officially opened). Devyn of course said he would totally be down to come up and teach a class.